Fifth Anniversary

Above is a short video celebrating my 5 years, so far, as a self employed artist. There have been lots of highs and lows but all the mistakes, lessons, experiences and feelings have halped me grow as an artist and a business man.

I wanted to do something else to celebrate and have been toying with the idea of holding another prize give away, but I do so much work for / with good causes that any prize draw would likely be negated. I toyed with the idea of buying a bottle of something, but I don't really drink (I've had one glass of alcohol since New Year) and would need to seek suggestions on what to get (I'm also a bit out of touch as far as nice, available booze goes). Anyway, long story short, I have decided on how to celebrate my work anniversary and how to thank my supporters.

From now, until May 6th 2018, my Entertainers series of paintings will be made available to purchase at a reduced rate. Additionally I will offer 2 for the price of 1* on all art prints which are purchased directly from me.

The Entertainers happens to be my favourite series from all of my original paintings. Each painting from The Entertainers, that is still in my possession, will be individually priced and added to my portfolio in the next day or so. Look out for those.

*6x4 print size (my 6x4 Project) is not included in this offer.

To make enquiries and to discuss other services I offer, or the events I will attend, please contact me here: Enquiries.