Livingston Rugby Football Club Turns Fifty

The first progress shot from a digital painting of the spectator stand at Almond Park.

A digital artwork by Ronnie McInnes Stand - Progress shot 1 © 2018.

It has been over a month since my last blog. January is usually a slow month for me and I like to use the time to learn something new and to work on fresh ideas. In the last blog I mentioned a little bit about upcoming projects. This blog is about the first of them.

This year Livingston Rugby Football Club celebrate their 50th anniversary. My family and I have only been involved with the club over the last few years but the club already means a lot to us. Particularly because of how it has helped my wife Donna (read more about that here: A Special Award). I am working on two large projects which celebrate their 50 year history.

Project 1. LiviRFC and I will be using this project to raise funds for the club and to provide a lasting memento (a large print for the clubhouse wall) for those who wish to take part. It is a digital artwork of the spectator stand at Almond Park. Members, players, supporters and volunteers involved with the club, in the past and present, are invited to buy a seat in the artwork. I will then paint, referencing from a photograph of the person, the individual/s into the seat/s of the stand. There are approximately 300 seats in the stand but I can work around that number a bit. The above picture is the first progress shot from the project. Over the next few days I'll build up a number of semi-transparent layers of colour to get it looking nice and more realistic. Then I'll be ready to paint the first spectator.

Project 2 is a bit bigger. I have started work on this large and ambitious art project to further help in commemorating the 50th. It is aimed at members (old and new), supporters, players, families involved, the local community and art lovers. A series of digital paintings, acrylic paintings and light painting photographs will be created from the club's 50 year history then exhibited, not just online, but at a number of schools, arts and community locations. Modern Art Whitburn and Polbeth And West Calder Community Garden SCIO are currently on board (among others) as exhibition spaces.

In order to create artworks which are rooted firmly in the club's legacy I am welcoming suggestions for what these artworks might be of. I seek memories about LiviRFC like, for example, important (or perhaps even notorious) faces, interesting stories, big matches or just something silly which relates to the club. By completing this project I hope to celebrate the club, not just as a place for rugby, but as a vital part of our community. The following email address: has been created to enable the collection of memories, photographs, newspaper clippings etc and to answer any questions which may arise. So if you have something to offer, please get in touch. If not, I hope you can make it along to one of the exhibitions which roll out from this August. I will create blog and news entries to advise of those a little nearer the time.

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