Why are you forever talking about you?

A combination of long exposure photography and digital art techniques were used to create this image called A Good Listener.

Long exposure photo / digital art by Ronnie McInnes A Good Listener © 2016.

Thinking about and reviewing what I have said or done is not a new thing to me, I’ve done it for as long as I can remember. It’s just happening more and more the older I get. I find myself increasingly thinking about and reviewing the interactions I have had with others and it could be that the increase in my introspection is due to my job. As an artist I look inward to find fuel for ideas and I also use emotions to feed my creativity. So this week I want to write small bit about something that keeps coming up during my self-criticism.

One thought that keeps coming up is the amount I talk about myself. Or at the very least, the amount I talk about my experiences. I do it a lot. Admittedly, I don’t do it on purpose, in that I don’t leave the house thinking “who else can I get to listen as I talk about me?” But I end up talking about myself and my experiences nonetheless. It’s just part of how I get to know people and them I. What I would really like to do is to ask more questions and show how interested I am in finding out more about that person and their own experiences, but often my nerves kick in and I revert back to offering more about me. It’s not some urge to make myself sound better than I am or to sound better than the person I am talking with either. Rather, it is to offer some common ground.

So if you and I find ourselves talking and I offer you a little about me (after pretty much anything you talk about), it is because I actually am interested in talking to you and finding out more about you. If I offer only small talk, it’s likely to be because I’m not interested or just bored but too polite to say so.

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