Togger Chat 2

A close-up photo of a Nikon lens cap.

A photograph by Ronnie McInnes Lens Cap © 2012.

In blog 26 I wrote about how I dislike conversations about kit before the other person has seen or discussed my work. In such cases the kit conversation is unwelcome. However, if someone has seen or discussed my work I have a different stance. That is what this week's blog (my last of 2017) is about.

If a person is interested in my kit or techniques after seeing or discussing my work I take it as a compliment. The person has (what I consider to be) a genuine interest in the work. They may even be looking to try it out themselves and emulate what I have done. Inspiring people is a wonderful part of being an artist and, if I'm honest, it doesn't always happen. But when it does happen I think it's only natural for people to seek more information about the tools, techniques, locations etc that were used.

During 2018 I will be doing much more community based work and I expect conversations about art, my work, photography, techniques, technology, toolkits etc will increase too and I welcome them (unless someone is only chatting to simply be a kit snob). I'll be giving pointers, leading workshops, showing my equipment and giving others a chance to use it. Of course, I have a few trade secrets that will stay secret, but I'm happy to share the majority of my knowledge and 20+ years of experience in art.

As the community work increases my commission work must decrease. So I'll have fewer slots available for customer orders and my regular / repeat customers will have priority in booking the slots. The income I can generate from my art, certainly in the first two thirds of 2018, will be lower than usual. Fundraising is going to be very important and my 6x4 Project is one way of raising funds for the upcoming community art projects. Corporate sponsorships and grants are going to play an important part too. If you are reading this (and if your business provides sponsorship) and you would like to discuss ways that we might be able to work together or help each other please get in touch here: Enquiries.

I'll share more about my projects, publicly, at a later date. Until then, have a great New Year and all the best for 2018.

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