Busy Times

A long exposure photograph of a skull with light painting.

A photograph by Ronnie McInnes Skulltastic © 2017.

The above long exposure photograph is kind of what my head feels like at this time of year. I get preoccupied with all these thoughts, ideas and plans buzzing around. My brain is getting a bit like that already. Earlier today my wife bought some tasty cookies for the kids to take into their school for one of their good causes. Guess who opened and ate half the pack? Some of my own tasty cookies are now going to the school instead. "Why do you think they were on the counter?" asked Donna. So, for the people who know me, see why I write everything down?

We are about to enter what is (usually) the busiest time of year for many businesses. Mine is no exception. Admittedly, it's not uncommon for me to fall off the face of the earth, at least in a social sense. In the past I even deleted my personal facebook account for a number of months, just to make sure I focussed entirely on the job at hand without any distractions. I should make it clear that this is not a complaint, I love what I do and wouldn't change it, even at this time of year. Rather than a complaint, I suppose this blog should be described as a heads-up.

As you might imagine, many artworks that are being bought at this time of year are to be given as surprise gifts. Naturally, I like to keep customer surprises, so I do not share these works or their progress shots publicly, unless the client gives me the ok to do so. It is possible that, because I spend less time on social media and my website, people could be fooled into thinking I have plenty time to work on their art. But my time really is limited and, sadly, I have had to turn customers away in the past.

My waiting list is relatively short at the moment but it can fill up very fast, especially when an acrylic painting can take 2-3 weeks on average to complete. I don't want to nor do I like turning people away. So, to avoid disappointment, I encourage all customers to get in touch as soon as possible or to come and speak with me at one of the winter fayre's I'll be attending (event dates coming soon to my news page) if you want artwork made. Feel free to have a chat with me about your idea and suss me and my artwork out. Find out if you want me to work for you before it's too late to meet your deadline. If / when you are ready to go ahead I will ask for a 50% (non refundable) deposit to be paid on all commissions. Then for the remaining balance to be paid before the finished artwork is shipped. A job is not oficially booked until the deposit is paid.

It is likely that I will post fewer (or perhaps none at all) rugby match day photos and I may not do a blog entry every week. If that happens, I will be very busy behind the scenes, but I will still be contactable. I you have an idea for a commission or would like to buy an original piece of art please get in touch here: Enquiries.

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