A photograph showing the Forth Road Bridge at night with light trails from traffic.

A photograph by Ronnie McInnes Forth Road Bridge Light Trails © 2016.

Did you hear the news that the new Queensferry Crossing had been completed?

Since it's completion on August the 30th it's had quite a bit of coverage in the news and social media. A lot of people are enjoying the experience of crossing the bridge (some lucky ones got to walk over) and some, perhaps more skeptical of folk, think that it's a lot of fuss for "Only a bridge". Yes it is a lot of fuss about a bridge but I think it's justified. One of Scotland's most proudly engineered landmarks, the Forth Rail Bridge, is a bridge too. But it is also much more. It's an icon, a symbol and an UNESCO World Heritage site. I don't see why the new Queensferry Crossing couldn't reach the same status in the future.

Admittedly, I've not seen the newly finished bridge since opening, well not with my own eyes at least. I'll get round to it when all the fuss is over and, this is perhaps the main reason, when the visitor numbers calm down a bit. But I'm in no rush. I love the aesthetic of each Forth Bridge and I'll celebrate that a bit in this blog.

The above photo shows the Forth Road Bridge at night. It's a long exposure shot so light trails from the traffic are present.

A photograph showing the Queensferry crossing mid build.

A photograph by Ronnie McInnes Old And New Bridges © 2016.

This photo was taken in January 2016 and it shows the unfinished Queensferry Crossing. The old road bridge can be seen behind it on the left. It wasn't too late in the evening, a little after dinner time, but it was quiet. Just the way I like it. The lights looked wonderful.

A photograph showing the moon behinf the Forth Rail Bridge.

A photograph by Ronnie McInnes An Evening With The Bridge And Moon © 2012.

In case you haven't guessed it, I like night photography, especially for man made structures. This photo was taken from South Queensferry (the previous two were taken in North Queensferry). At the time I didn't like how the moonlight was slotting through the little gap in the jetty. I wished the moon was more central in the gap. Admittedly, I would need to stand somewhere else too for that to work. After a bit of time I changed opinion, I grew to like how it was off-centre. It's imperfection was beautiful.

A photograph showing Blackness Castle with the Forth Bridges in the background.

A photograph by Ronnie McInnes Blackness Castle And Bridges © 2016.

This photo was taken during an afternoon out with my family in May 2016. My kids often get to take some shots on my Fuji bridge camera when we go on an outing. I took this shot to suggest my kids take something similar but they were more interested in taking shots of the sand, shells, stones and pretty much anything else they could see on the beach. You can see all three bridges in the shot. The platforms from the Queensferry crossing still had a sizable gap at the time.

A photograph showing the under side of the Forth Rail Bridge.

A photograph by Ronnie McInnes Under The Bridge Downtown © 2014.

I'm a fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Under The Brige is the title of one of my most favourite songs, though this image might perhaps be a bit more Chili Pipers (google them - they're fab) than Chili Peppers. It was taken in March 2014 again from North Queensferry in the late evening. I managed to get a few great shots that night from an amazing angle, directly under the bridge.

A photograph showing the Queensferry crossing during Guy Fawkes night 2014.

A photograph by Ronnie McInnes Guy Fawkes Night © 2014.

My friend Iain and I knew that there was to be a firework display at Hopetoun House for Guy Fawkes. So we thought it would be a good opportunity to get some shots of the new bits of bridge that had been built and it certainly proved to be. There were lots of fireworks and I took lots of shots (as I'm sure Iain did too), but this is my favourite from the night. The greens from those particular fireworks compliment the colours of the sky and the whiteness of the bridge lights.

My final words for this blog are on the name of the new bridge. Did you know that Queensferry locals are calling it Kevin? Apparently after the Scottish comedian Kevin Bridges. It's so like the Scots to come up with a silly (but arguably a much better) name for something. To me, it is only then you know that something is beginning to charm us.

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