Polbeth and West Calder Community Garden SCIO

An photograph showing Ronnie using a prop a booth visitor made.

A self portrait photo by Ronnie McInnes Visitor's Prop © 2017.

My 2017-18 good cause is Polbeth And West Calder Community Garden SCIO. Over the next year I will be working with the garden and a couple of local schools on some projects and I'll share more about those at a later date.

Yesterday my photobooth, my eldest daughter and I went along to their annual Open Harvest Event. Although the booth was just a tiny part of the Harvest event, it served as a great introduction between the garden volunteers, the visitors, my daughter and I. Visitors to the booth were given the opportunity to either pose with one of my regular props or they could make their own props (or do both). My remote shutter release allowed folks to take their own shots. The above photo shows me pulling a silly face in the booth while using one of the fab props that a young visitor created. Look at the fanastic colours in the glasses. Great work. My face on the other hand, I can only apologise for that, it's in my nature to pull a funny face in photos and always has been (a cause of my mother's scorn towards many a family photo).

It was great to meet new people yesterday and to speak with them about the garden and my art. My banner, one which was bought before I started doing photo booths, read "Ronnie McInnes Art.co.uk paintings of pets, people and places." The fact that I didn't bring any paintings with me raised an eyebrow or two. One gentleman asked "Em, where are the paintings?". Admittedly, it might have seemed weird that my banner mentioned paintings and I was there with a photo booth, but I am weird so it's ok. This did allow me a chance, however, to talk about my paintings and share my opinion that photography is an art form too.

From my perspective, I found community spirit to be high between the garden visitors and volunteers. As a community garden, I'm sure that's high on the agenda. It's certainly encouraging to see the community coming together like that and I look forward to being part of that community over the next year or so. Read more about the garden here: Garden For Life.

As a closing thought I'd like to add that the rain stayed away yesterday, I think that's a fantastic result for Scottish weather.

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