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I sprained my wrist this week. I was playing dodgeball with the kids when I slipped and fell down a little slope. During the fall I felt a particularly high amount of pressure on the side of my knee so I put my hand down on the ground. Seemingly forgetting all the years of martial arts practice I put into learning how to fall the right way. "Don't put your hands down" my instructors would tell me. In my defense though, I've not trained for a few years. Luckily the sprain isn't too bad and doesn't stop me from painting or writing blogs. The knee is perfectly fine though, yay!

This week's blog is about my website turning one year old. It officially went live on 16th of August 2016.

Things were pretty manic this time last year. My sleeping pattern (If you can call it that) was all over the place. During one period I worked 23 hours then had 3 hours sleep before I started working again for another 13 hours. I otherwise only stopped to eat, stretch or go to the toilet. There was a lot of work to do but the kids were on holiday and I was determined that I was not going to let my work get in the way of the whole break from school, so I crammed as much work and learning as possible into a small space of time, which was two weeks. In those two weeks I created a "Coming soon" landing page, learned how to write HTML and CSS from scratch, designed the look of the whole website, sized and resized hundreds of images, made links for each page (plus a couple of external ones), set up email addresses, read about UK and EU legislation on websites and entered the relevant necessities to my pages and I filled the site with a rather large amount of content. It was tough going and the effects from the lack of sleep were adding up. I managed to do it though. Admittedly I'm still learning now, but it's nowhere near as difficult to do or as fast paced.

I've been giving some thought to it, how should I celebrate the first birthday? My wife Donna and I could get some booze and enjoy a nice cool bevvy together. Maybe we could treat ourselves to a nice dinner. I must admit that those ideas are pretty appealing and we probably will do one or both of those things. But they don't really give anything back to my customers or any of the folks who have been following my work and blog. So I'm thinking of doing a special offer. It could be free prints with an order or it could be money off original acrylic paintings, I've not decided yet. It may turn out to be something altogether different. Once I have decided I will write about it in the news section of this website. Keep your eyes peeled.

Anyway, I'm off to bed for what will be a 4 hour sleep. It's not great, but a better sleep compared with this time last year. Comments cannot be left here but if you would like to comment on what has been mentioned in this blog please do so on one of my social media pages. See links at the bottom right of this page.