Climbing Arthur's Seat

A photograph of a ladybird.

A photograph taken at the bottom of Arthur's Seat Ladybird © 2017.

A few weeks back a friend and I climbed Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh. I had never climbed it before and there's a reason for that, a weird reason. I'll save that story for another blog however.

When my friend and I started out the weather was quite overcast but not cold. So we made the choice to leave the sun block at home. A choice we'd both later regret. As soon as we parked the car the sun came out and more or less remained out for the reast of the day. We parked at Duddingston loch and began our climb from there. Just after starting our climb we found loads of ladybirds all over the plants, grass and path. The above photo shows one of the little ladybirds that we found.

A photograph of a pheasant.

A photograph taken near the bottom of Arthur's Seat Pheasant © 2017.

We spent a short time taking photos of the little insects before ascending further. It seemed like we reached a good height pretty quickly. However the legs started to burn pretty quickly too, so we decided to pace ourselves a bit. It's just as well that we did. If we hadn't slowed down we might have missed the pheasant (who was very keen to get away from us) in the above photo. Can't blame it really. We each got a few shots of the pheasant before it vanished into longer grass.

A photograph of Dunsapie loch.

A photograph taken about a third into our climb Dunsapie Loch © 2017.

My friend and I reached a meandering part of the journey as we climbed through (or maneuvered around) a bunch of jaggy bushes. This bit seemed to take a while, or maybe we just got that impression because this was more tiring and laborious to climb compared with the previous paths. The views were beginning to get quite spectacular. We quickly reached a good height and after a couple of short stops to catch our breath or to rest the burning legs (cleverly disguised as stops to take in the views) we reached a little road and Dunsapie loch. We didn't stop at the loch but noted that we could have parked the car and climbed from there. Mental note stored. We continued on and up, stopping to take a few shots of the loch, like the one above.

A photograph taken near the top of Arthur's Seat.

A photograph taken near the top View From Arthur's Seat 1 © 2017.

Our climb was a lot easier from this point on and we made even quicker progress. Before we knew it we were looking at the peak. The peak and loads of people that is. It was a lot busier at the top than we were expecting and louder too. Someone had brought a keyboard all the way up there and was playing to a small group. He was pretty good too by the sound of it. The views were amazing and we could see pretty far in every direction. See the above shot. It was taken near the peak and looks to the West. Can you see Edinburgh castle on the left and the Forth bridges on the right (at the horizon)?

A photograph taken from the bottom of Arthur's Seat'.

A photograph looking up Arthur's Seat From Below © 2017.

The way down was easier, it was busier than our path up too. This was clearly the popular way to ascend / descend. It was more rocky and stair-like than the paths we had encountered going up too. I don't know if it was easier because we were descending or because it was like a staircase, but it was a lot easier on the way down than it had been on the way up. My legs certainly didn't feel the burn on the way down. The above shot was taken from the bottom looking up. I enjoyed the day very much and I'll be sure to climb Arthur's Seat again in the future. I've never seen such amazing views of Edinburgh, so I'd like to see them again.

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