Photographer - A Fine Artist With A Photo Booth

A photo showing my son and I in my photo booth.

My son and I in the photo booth Pink Glasses and Pensioner © 2017.

This week my blog has been influenced by the arrival of two new props in this afternoon's post (an inflatable ghetto blaster and an inflatable saxophone). "Wait!" I hear you exclaim "I thought you were an artist." So you might be wondering why I'm writing about a photo booth. I'll write a little on why I offer this service below.

Photography is a wonderful art form but I've never really called myself or claimed to be a photographer. Admittedly, my high school course on (film) photography was a while ago. Plus, it was certainly nowhere near the level of education that you would gain in further education like a college or university. But it was a good starting point for me. Among other things, I learned basic camera controls like aperture, film speed and shutter speed. Unlike today's digital cameras there were no auto settings, they were all entered manually. I really enjoyed the course but when it finished I had no access to an SLR camera and I pretty much forgot about photography until 2003 when I decided to dip my toe back into it. I was needing more reference photos to work from and decided to start taking shots of buildings and places to paint from. When I look back through these photos I tend to cringe a bit. I was taking the shots to paint from, so the overall composition of the shots didn't matter to me as long as I got plenty of light, colour and detail to paint from.

It wasn't until 2011 that I bought my first DSLR camera, having decided that although the compact cameras I had been using until then were getting decent results, they weren't great shots. Aditionally, my friend Iain and I begun working on our own stock image website and I couldn't let him have all the fun taking photos could I?

I'll not lie, it took a while to get back into the swing of things. The controls of the camera were quite different (even though the principles were the same) compared with those on the SLR film camera I used in high school. Plus, I had spent eight years taking shots with little regard to or the patience for achieving interesting compositions. But Iain and I learned. We learned from the internet, from books, by going on photo trips, by working indoors and, perhaps most importantly, by making mistakes. We don't work on the stock image website any more but it was a great experience. It gave me a huge pile of new reference photos to paint from too.

Anyway, I fell into doing photo booths and quickly realised how much fun they can be. Not only that, but I can be creative with them too. Light painting photography (which I love doing) can be incorporated and, with the help of a green screen, digital art can be too. The booths serve another purpose, to help raise funds for other creative ventures. My aim is to offer good value for money, good customer service and great photos and in return I want to build my art business. For example, to raise funds for my own studio space.

Perhaps it's time to admit to myself, I am a photographer too (and I think I love it).

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